Mino Watanabe – Artist / Illustrator

Vegetable Spirit Series

2012 ~ 2013


This is the first spirit series I created.

We’ve had Shintoism since ancient Japan. Maybe it’s not common thought for other cultures, but we think that there are eight million gods (spirits) in our world. It’s not about religion for me, but it’s a fundamental perspective to see this world.

Every object in this world has a spirit. The trees, rocks, wind and water have spirits. Your comfortable or uncomfortable chairs, big screen TVs, or smartphones also have spirits.

If you have an old car you love or hate, it definitely has a spirit, so don’t make them even grumpier  than they already are. The punchline is that we should appreciate everything that belongs, and that was created.

I love to paint spirits! There are millions of objects for me to paint.

I eat veggies, and I paint my love for vegetables with acrylic.

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