Mino Watanabe – Artist / Illustrator

White - Breasted Nuthatch 3

Winter Bird Series

Holiday Show 2015


When I first came to Michigan from Japan, I was amazed to see so many birds and animals which I’ve never seen before. Perhaps some of them live in northern Japan, but I’ve never seen them in the area where I’m from.
The first time I saw Vultures, I couldn’t close my opened mouth, because I had only seen them in TV shows. I felt that I saw a creature from a fantasy story.

My eyesight isn’t good at capturing the bird’s figures among trees, but I’m able to hear them singing. I think I never heard so many birds singing before. And, I’ve never heard “Chicka dee dee dee” before. I love them!

I enjoyed painting the many birds that migrate to Michigan. This series unexpectedly turned into 24 pieces. 😀

Painted with acrylic on 6″ x 1.5″ x 6″ canvas.

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