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Blue Pansy - Watercolor and Acrylic painting on 8" x 10" paper - Cheerful Pansy flower fairies are singing and dancing around blue pansy, and two froggies are singing with them together - maracas, guitar
Crown Staffordshire Cup and Saucer and a skating figure - Acrylic painting on 7" x 8" board - Winter snow scene, An owl on the tree
Winter Bonsai Series 1 - Acrylic and Ink pen on 6.5" x 8" board - A cute Asian girl is talking with a lovely red fox under the Japanese white pine bonsai tree with the snow ground.
Self-portrait painting by Mino Watanabe - Acrylic, Pencil, and Ink Pen on Paper - 11” x 14” - A woman is holding a leaf vine of the willow tree - A warm wind is blowing - Yellow willow flower
Dormouse 1 - Acrylic painting on 6" x 6" canvas - A cute hazel dormouse is dreaming about favorite hazelnuts during hibernate - hazelnuts bouncing
Sheep for Peace 1 - Acrylic painting on 6" x 1.5" x 6" canvas - A sweet Cheviot sheep holding a white poppy flower in his mouth is standing on the snowfield - wishing for peace - olive wreath - abstract background
Jump 1 - Watercolor and Ink pen on 8″ x 10″ Paper - A girl, gray wolf, red fox, barn owl, frog, honey bee, and grasshopper are all together Joyfully JUMPING! A gentle breeze flies away Magnolia flower petals.
Fruit Spirit Series - Apple Fruit Spirit - Acrylic and Ink Pen painting on 8" x 10" Panel - 2016 - A lovely Apple fairy sitting on the apple fruit hanging from the apple tree is chatting with a cute ladybug.
Black Capped Chickadee - Ink & Pen on 2 1/4" x 7 1/2" paper - Illustration for a Bookmark - A lovely Black-Capped Chickadee perching on the flower buds is looking around the scenery.
Midsummer Woods - Acrylic painting on 14" x 21" Panel - The fallen tree spirits laying under the ground - The fungus spirits are looking up the sky - Fungi help clean soil and water and have a role in helping to restore the forest.
American Goldfinch 1 - Acrylic painting on 6" x 1.5" x 6" Canvas - A lovely puffy American Goldfinch wearing a red and white striped knit hat is perching on the snow-covered tree - pom pom beanie hat - old-fashioned retro candy.
Artichoke Spirit - Acrylic and Ink Pen on 8" x 10" Board - An Artichoke Spirit sitting on the artichoke flowers is blowing soap bubbles and having a peaceful time.
Possible Scenes from Fairy Tales Series - Geese keeper - Watercolor painting on 10" x 8" Aquaboard - He is a geese and ducks keeper. He will protect them day and night. Fluttering his rainbow-colored cloak in the warm wind, he stands for guard tonight in the moonlight.
Droop plum trees, Dog and Bird - Diptych painting - Acrylic and Airbrush paint on 15" x 30" Canvas - A lovely dog is cheerfully staring at the Bush-warbler perching on the branch of a drooping plum blossom flower tree at a full-moon night.
Onion - Acrylic and Ink on 15" x 20" paper She has a cigarette in one hand, holds her head in the other hand, rides on an onion, and cries.
Illustration for Ethel & James Flinn Foundation - Raising a Mentally Healthy Child in a Fearful World - A boy is calm and peaceful even though surrounded by natural disasters images - tornado, wildfire, and tsunami.
Illustrations for Metro Parent Magazine - Ink pen - Garden bed - Hakurei, Cucumber, Sun gold tomato, Lunch box pepper, and Kale
Food illustration - Ink Pen - black and white - Fresh jalapeno
Illustrations for Partners4Health - Ink Pen - Mission Throttle. Care plan goals in progress - HEPA air filter guide
You Gotta Try Try Again! - Illustration for E book Children's Book - Author - Michael E. OReilly - Ink Pen and Adobe Photoshop - Tommy Tomato - All my friends are supporting Tommy, who is working hard to practice riding a bicycle.
You Gotta Try Try Again! - Illustration for E book Children's Book - Author - Michael E. OReilly - Ink Pen and Adobe Photoshop - Donna Dragonfly - She admires the dragonflies flying above.
Illustration for Give Your Words a Try! - E book Children's Book - Author - Michael E. OReilly - Ink Pen and Adobe Photoshop - A boy is thinking about what to write while watching a duck couple floating on the lake.
A book cover of A Girl and Her Cat Midnight.
Illustration for Storyboard / Director: Gary Watts - Pencil drawing - Gentlemen and ladies wearing Victorian costumes are dining, chatting, and taking pictures with smartphones.
Vector Illustration of the brochure for Fast Pack - Chicago Plastic Box Rental - A customer uses a plastic box for moving, and staff is helping him.
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Mino Watanabe

Michigan-based artist

Clip Art - Pumpkin Spirit is reading a letter.
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