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Photo by Gary Watts


Mino Watanabe was born in Nagoya, Japan. After receiving her art degree from Nagoya Zokei University, Mino worked several years as a commercial illustrator. In 2005, she moved to America to continue pursuing fine art and illustration by exhibiting her work in galleries and illustrating for children' books and other publications.

At three years old, Mino was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome: a genetic condition that adversely affects one’s connective tissues. Despite her visual impairment, Mino embraces the visual arts, which allows her to work within the extreme limits of her visual field.

While viewing Mino’s artwork, notice a similar thread of inspiration in her work combining nature, food, and fairy-tale. And since she delicately works merely inches away from her painting surfaces, you may also find a subtle part of Mino’s creative spirit in each piece.

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